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Authors: Xiao Zhou Cao, Zhu Xian Qiu, Zhong Ning Shi, Xian Wei Hu, Yun Gang Ban, Zhao Wen Wang

Abstract: Al-Si metal anode was fabricated by cold-press sintering with Al and Si as embedded powder in argon atmosphere. The anti-oxidation in the...

Authors: Koichi Kitazono, Eiichi Sato

Abstract: Aluminum foams having extremely low densities offer a large potential for lightweight structural materials. New manufacturing process...

Authors: S.M. Traldi, Isolda Costa, J.L. Rossi
Authors: Andreas Pichler, M. Weller, E. Arzt, J. Diehl
Authors: Yoshihiko Murakami, Masaki Sakurai, S. Yui, H. Matuhashi, H. Liu, R. Kawai
Authors: Zhi Feng Zhang, Jun Xu, Yue Long Bai, Li Kai Shi

Abstract: An advanced rheo-diecasting technique, based on a modified multi-electromagnetic stirring continuous preparation (MSCP) process was...

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