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Authors: Kao Wen Zhou, Zi Qiao Zhang, Li Jing Xing, Xin Li, Chun Xue Fu

Abstract: A new sensor based on cataluminescence (CTL) produced on the surface of nanosized TiW3Cr2O14 was demonstrated for direct determination of...

Authors: Hong Hong Yuan, Pei Dong Tai, Xiao Jun Li, Xiao Nan Yang

Abstract: Toxic data of local fishes was very essential in the derivation of local water quality criteria. In this study, two local fishes...

Authors: Jing Li, Dong Mei Jia, Chang Hai Li, Bao Qing Yu

Abstract: The ammonia modified cotton stalks (CS) were utilized to adsorb the Ni2+ and Cu2+ ions from wastewaters, and the...

Authors: Ivana Turekova, Zuzana Turňová, Martin Pastier

Abstract: Modern autonomous systems (AUS) correspond to the current global technical standards and European principles of prevention of industrial...

Authors: N.S. Zhu, S.N. Ma, C.H. Hu

Abstract: Low temperature ammonia plasma surface treatment on asphalt base carbon fiber is reported with 150°C for 60min, 200°C for 60min and without...

Authors: Fumitaka Hayashi, Masakazu Iwamoto

Abstract: Mesoporous silicon oxynitride and nitride were prepared through nitridation of various mesoporous silica, MCM-41, -48, and SBA-15 with...

Authors: B. Armas, C. Combescure, M. De Icaza Herrera, Francois Sibieude
Authors: Li Rong Peng, Xing Hua Yang, Li Bo Yuan, En Ming Zhao, Le Li, Shen Zi Luo

Abstract: An optical ammonia probe was fabricated based on Microstructured Polymer Optical Fiber (MPOFs) modified by eosin doped silica gel films.The...

Authors: Xiao Lu Huang, Nan Tao Hu, Yan Yan Wang, Ya Fei Zhang

Abstract: Here we demonstrate a promising gas sensor based on aniline reduced graphene oxide (RGO), which is fabricated through drop drying RGO...

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