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Authors: Esa Vuorinen, Xiang Chen

Abstract: The in-situ X-ray diffraction observations of the bainitic transformation of silicon alloyed steels were performed using the high...

Authors: Susil K. Putatunda, Jiang Huai Yang
Authors: K. Thillairajan, V. Balusamy, V. Ramaswamy

Abstract: An attempt has been made in this research work to develop strong and tough bainitic steels in shorter transformation durations of less than...

Authors: M.M. Cisneros-Guerrero, R.E. Campos-Cambranis, M. Castro-Román, M.J. Pérez-López
Authors: De Qun Kong, Qing Suo Liu, Zhan Ji Dong

Abstract: The growth behavior of the bainite obtained by short-time isothermal transformation at 200°C in the high carbon silicon-containing steel has...

Authors: Li Wang, T.Y. Hsu

Abstract: Transformation-induced-plasticity (TRIP) –aided steels are a promising solution for producing lighter, crash-resistant car bodies, due to...

Authors: Jin Hai Liu, Guo Lu Li, Xue Bo Zhao, Xiao Yan Hao, Jian Jun Zhang

Abstract: The microstructure and properties of austempered ductile iron with carbides was studied to increase the abrasive resistance of ADI. It was...

Authors: R. Prem Kumar, S.S. Mohamed Nazirudeen, J. Anburaj

Abstract: Carbidic Austempered Ductile Iron (CADI) is a recent addition to the Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) family. The effect of chills on the...

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