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Authors: Jason Sim, Rozli Zulkifli, Shahrir Abdullah

Abstract: Thermoelectric cogeneration may be applied to the exhaust of an automobile to generate additional electric power, by applying a temperature...

Authors: Yoshio Aoki, Goichi Ben, Yuka Iizuka

Abstract: Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) laminates are used in the wide field, because they have excellent properties of a specific strength...

Authors: Akio Hirose, Fumiaki Matsui, Hirotaka Imaeda, Kojiro F. Kobayashi

Abstract: In the present study, we fundamentaly analyzed the interfacial reaction and evaluated the joint strength in dissimilar diffusion bonding of...

Authors: Li Xin Guo, Guang Hao Ji, Lei Ping Zhao, Jin Li Li

Abstract: The steering system of automobiles might vibrate under external excitation loading. Severe vibration of the steering system maybe bring the...

Authors: Da Lei Wang, Ai Rong Chen, Hui Lin Ai

Abstract: Problem of lateral driving stability of the automobiles passing by the vicinity of pylons of cable-supported bridges in condition of strong...

Authors: Alexander Ignatov, Valeriy Ivchenko, Petr Krug, Ekaterina Matyukhina, Tatiana Morozova

Abstract: The report deals with the technologies developed to control robotic trucks belonging to an autonomous truck caravan. Solvable tasks, the...

Authors: Alexander Ignatov, Valeriy Ivchenko, Petr Krug, Ekaterina Matyukhina, Sergey Pavelyev

Abstract: This report considers the creation of a controller intended for reconfiguring the artificial intelligence of robotic vehicles. The...

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