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Authors: Larry L. Hench
Authors: P. Sooksaen, K. Chaithep, T. Saliwong, T. Duangart

Abstract: Apatite-wollastonite bioactive glass-ceramic scaffolds were fabricated from the SiO2-CaO-P2O5...

Authors: Anna-Maija Haltia, Harri Heino, Minna Kellomäki
Authors: Tian Tian, Liu Hui, Gu Ming Jun, Jin Ying

Abstract: In this work, Ag-AgCl-TiO2 coating was fabricated on titanium substrates to obtain an implant material having excellent...

Authors: Mu Qin Li, Li Jie Qu, Chen Ma, Shi Qin Yang

Abstract: This study examined the bioactive and stability of calcium phosphate- polypyrrole(ppy) composite coatings on titanium alloys by...

Authors: Koji Goto, Masami Hashimoto, Hiroaki Takadama, Jiro Tamura, Shunsuke Fujibayashi, Shin Hasegawa, Keiichi Kawanabe, Tadashi Kokubo, Takashi Nakamura

Abstract: Three types of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)-based composite cements containing 40− 56 wt% micron-sized titania (titanium oxide) particles,...

Authors: C. Marques, Luis Henrique Leme Louro, Marcelo Henrique Prado da Silva

Abstract: Bioactive ceramics have the ability to chemically bond to bone. This class of biomaterials can be used as coatings on metallic implants,...

Authors: Livia Bandici, Simona Ioana Vicas, Gheorghe Emil Bandici, Alin Cristian Teusdea, Simona Cavalu

Abstract: In this paper, grapes were processed by using high frequency electromagnetic field in order to obtain a high quality wine in terms of...

Authors: Larry L. Hench
Authors: Zhen Duo Cui, Xian Jin Yang, S.L. Zhu

Abstract: In this study, chemical methods were used to treat NiTi for the purpose of preparing bioactive NiTi implants. The surface of the bioactive...

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