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Authors: Stefan Berger, Jürgen Weisser, Eberhard Müller, Matthias Schnabelrauch

Abstract: Composite systems composed of nanocrystalline apatites and oligolactide-based polymer networks were prepared resulting in malleable and even...

Authors: Ana Rita Campos, António M. Cunha, Alberto Tielas, António Mateos

Abstract: The interest of the automotive industry on biodegradable and green composites is increasing dramatically due two environmental legislation...

Authors: Yong Cao, Shinichi Shibata, Koichi Goda

Abstract: Biodegradable composites made from bagasse fiber and biodegradable resin were prepared and the biodegradation were investigated by the soil...

Authors: Hitoshi Takagi, Akira Asano

Abstract: Environment-friendly “green” composites were fabricated from a starch-based, dispersion-type biodegradable resin and cellulose nanofibers....

Authors: Esmeralda Uribe Lam, María Gabriela Gutiérrez Pliego, Víctor Gerardo Martínez Pérez, Alejandro Manzano Ramirez

Abstract: Flexion tests were performed (ASTM D790) for two biodegradable composites, the first one made of pine resin as matrix and henequen fibers as...

Authors: Yi Qiang Wu, Zhi Yong Qin, Yan Qing, Xin Gong Li

Abstract: Biodegradable composites of polylactic acid reinforced with wood fiber were fabricated by using twin screw extruder followed by the...

Authors: Kleber de Arruda Almeida, Alvaro Antonio Alencar de Queiroz
Authors: Ming Hui Guo, Yuan Yuan

Abstract: In our research, a commercial poly (lactic acid) (PLA) film was used in combination with wood fiber matrix to generate biodegradable...

Authors: Hitoshi Takagi

Abstract: Environmentally friendly cellulose nanofiber green composites were newly developed by combining two dispersion-type biodegradable resins:...

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