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Authors: Helena Marques da Silva, Ingrid Russoni de Lima, Paula Gil Patrício Bezerra, Gabrielly Peregrino, Gloria Dulce de Almeida Soares

Abstract: The knowledge of the degradation process is an important role to understand and predict in vitro results. Granules of...

Authors: Hui Rong Xu, Shao Chun Sui, Xiao Hong Wang, Yong Nian Yan, Ren Ji Zhang

Abstract: Bioreactor technology is a branched research area of tissue engineering. Dynamic culture environment mimicking in vivo pulsatile conditions...

Authors: Peng Xu, Yu Tao Men, Bao Shan Xu, Qiang Yang, Jun Lu, Chun Qiu Zhang

Abstract: The mechanical environment has an important influence on biological behavior of the human musculoskeletal system. Either in vivo or in vitro...

Authors: Da Shuai Wang, Yu Tao Men, Li Lan Gao, Xin Dong, Jun Lu, Chun Qiu Zhang

Abstract: A bioreactor has provided a new way for the biomedical tissue engineering, and it is a device system that simulates the metabolism and...

Authors: Zi Ning Wang, Xing Yu Liu, Qi Yuan Gu, Ming Jiang Zhang

Abstract: Smelting waste water is typically considered as an environmental pollutant. It will contaminate watercourses, crops and aquatic organism...

Authors: Christine Poon, Mei Zhang, Andrew Ruys, Angela Hong, Christelle Catuogno, Philip Boughton

Abstract: Tissue engineering of airway tissues poses many complex challenges. As tissue form is determined by function and vice versa, it is necessary...

Authors: Yang Liu, Zhong Ping Qiu, Gui Chen Wang

Abstract: Urbanization, economic growth, and the continuing improvement in living standards have all contributed to the increase of municipal solid...

Authors: B. Obradović, A. Osmokrović, B. Bugarski, D. Bugarski, G. Vunjak-Novaković

Abstract: Alginate was shown to be a suitable support for entrapment and cultivation of chondrocytes and bone marrow stromal cells, which under...

Authors: I. Nettleship
Authors: Pasquale Stano

Abstract: In this article I discuss the backgrounds, some technical insights, and the novel developments of a bioengineering approach to...

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