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Authors: A. Priya Rathi, A. Vimala Juliet
Chapter 8: Drive Systems of Machines, Mechatronics, Robotics and Control
Abstract:A three-dimensional microfluidic biosensor has been successfully designed using a low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) technology. This...
Authors: Ke Xu, Cheng Dong Wu, Xiao Jun Tian, Ying Zhang, Zai Li Dong
Abstract:Single-wall carbon nanotubes are candidates for a number of building blocks in nanoscale electronics. With respect to the assembly of carbon...
Authors: Jing Tong Cao, Feng Cui, Wei Chen, Zhao Xin Guo, Wen Yuan Chen, Xiao Sheng Wu, Wu Liu, Wei Ping Zhang
Chapter 1: Sensors and their Applications
Abstract:This paper presents a new micromachined PCR chip with separable electrodes part and reaction chamber part. The electrodes part, employing Pt...
Authors: Petricca Luca, Ohlckers Per
Chapter 2: MEMS and Mechatronics, Image Processing and Applications
Abstract:In this paper we will present the analytical modeling of two different microphone membranes (one square and one circular) fabricated using...
Authors: Da Wei Guo, Zheng Chao Xie, Wen Li Cheng
Chapter 2: Applied Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering and Processing Technologies
Abstract:On the basic of passive damping control, we do modeling and simulating in another approach to improve the vibration alleviating effect, the...
Authors: Mukund A. Patil
Abstract:This paper presents the conceptual design of fuel injector based on giant magnetostrictive material, with displacement amplification...
Authors: A.K.M. Mohiuddin
Chapter 9: Details and Machine Components, Mechatronics and Automation
Abstract:This paper shows the uses of low cost metal for the development of catalytic converters. While bringing down the cost, attention must be paid...
Authors: Zulkurnain Abdul-Maleka, Amir Hesam Khavari, Nabipour Afrouzi Hadi, Saeed Vahabi-Mashak
Chapter 5: Electrical Research
Abstract:Various methods have been developed to monitor surge arrester condition and predict the probable interruption which can be caused by the...
Authors: Zheng Ren, Lian Zhen Xiao, Wen Chong Shi
Chapter 6: Building Materials
Abstract:A rapid chloride ion diffusion coefficient measurement (RCM) was used in this study. The influence of water-cement ratios of 0.30, 0.35 and...
Authors: Chun Hu Zhao
Chapter 2: Mining Engineering and Coal Mining
Abstract:In order to anlysis the rock deformation characteristics in influence of mining disturbances, water pressure and crustal stress, a...
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