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Authors: C.A. Koh, J.L. Savidge, C.C. Tang, R.E. Motie, X.P. Wu, R.I. Nooney, R. Westacott
Authors: Jana Zahálková, Pavla Rovnaníková

Abstract: The production of Portland cement is connected with high emissions of greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide, and the intensive...

Authors: Tatyana D. Malinovskaya, Roman A. Nefedov, Ouna B. Sambueva, Victor Sachkov

Abstract: The thermochemical processes of synthesis and purification of rare earth metals fluorides through the transfer of fluoroammonium complexes...

Authors: Ch. Cunat, France-Anne Kuhnast, A. Aharoune, M. Fiorani, Z. Ayadi
Authors: Hassan Houcin Ktari, Jean Philippe Couzine, Julie Bourgon, Yannick Champion, Nabil Njah

Abstract: The microstructure and mechanical properties were investigated in an industrial Al-Cu-Mg alloy processed by Equal Channel Angular Pressing...

Authors: Andreas K. Schaper, S.R. Zhao, A. Kutoglu
Authors: N. Lécaudé, J.C. Perron, N. Randrianantoandro, J.M. Grenèche
Authors: Mukhametkali Musagalievich Mataev, M.R. Abdraimova, Zh.D. Batyrbekova, A.M. Madiyarova

Abstract: By method of dynamic calorimetry, in the temperature range between 298,15 and 673 K, isobaric heat capacity of polycrystalline ferrites...

Authors: Dao Wu Yang, Yi Liu, Yan Yao, Hai Xia Tong

Abstract: The paper is focused on clarifying the influence of flue gas desulfurization (FGD) gypsum in replacing natural gypsum (NG) in the production...

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