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Authors: Na Ni, Yin Wang, Fan Liu, Ling Zhang

Abstract: Dielectric elastomer sensors are a new kind of capacitive sensors. They can be used to measure forces, pressures and deformations. The...

Authors: Qing Yang, Bai Lin Zheng, Kai Zhang, Jian Xin Zhu

Abstract: An Elastic solution for functionally graded cantilever beam with different modulus in tension and compression subjected to a uniform...

Authors: Yang Zhao, Kun Peng Wang, Ying Tai Li, Ming Jie Guan

Abstract: This research proposes an improved tunable piezoelectric harvester structure which is constructed by a cantilever base beam and...

Authors: S.H. Raza, M.A. Malik, W. Akram

Abstract: Vibratory stresses are the main cause of material failure in aerospace/mechanical structures and machine components. Failure also occurs due...

Authors: Yu Xiang Liu, Wei Wei Zhang, Hong Wei Ma

Abstract: Damage detection by the wavelet transform of the fundamental vibration mode receives much attention recently. However, the higher vibration...

Authors: Xiao Juan Gao, Xiao Min Liu

Abstract: Longmen Grottoes is the famous cultural heritage. Many factors should be considered in reinforcement project of the plank way cantilever...

Authors: Jian Tang

Abstract: Fenghuang Miao minority’s housings have been clearly divided into two types in the previous series of researches, and it is one of the main...

Authors: Amit Banerjee, G. Pohit

Abstract: This paper presents an investigation methodology for detection of size and location of open edge transverse crack on a rotating beams using...

Authors: Cui Hong Li, Qiu Wei Yang, Xue Shen

Abstract: This paper presents a two-stage method for damage identification in cantilever beam structures using the incomplete measured static and...

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