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Authors: Bing Qiang Liu, Chang Chun Wang, Ai Ling Sun, Chuan Zhen Huang

Abstract: A TiC whisker toughening Al2O3 composite ceramic tool material was developed by an in situ carbothermal reduction...

Authors: Yi Bing Cheng, Kun Wang, Huan Ting Wang

Abstract: Mesoporous silica-carbon nanocomposites (C-SiO2) were synthesized and used as a host carrier in carbothermal reduction to fabricate highly...

Authors: Bei Yue Ma, Bo Li, Yu Shi Ding, Chen Yan, Ying Li, Yao Shu

Abstract: The latest development on preparation of SiC-AlN, SiC-mullite and β-Sialon materials using fly ash via in-situ carbothermal reduction...

Authors: Elias Fagury-Neto, Ruth Herta Goldsmith Aliaga Kiminami
Authors: Hanizam Shah Saidin, S. Aishah Syed Salim, Norlia Baharun, S.A. Rezan, Hussin Hashim

Abstract: Statistical design analysis (factorial design) was utilized to verify the significance and the interaction between the studied factors...

Authors: Qing Wang, Ya Hui Zhang

Abstract: Biomorphic silicon carbide (bioSiC) was prepared by high temperature pyrolysis and sol-gel and carbothermal reduction processing at 1600 oC....

Authors: Xin Hai He, Jun Bo Wang, Xiao Lei Su, Chong Fu, Jie Xu, Minge Yang

Abstract: Biomorphic SnO2/C ceramic has been prepared by molding into a composite billet and carbothermal-reduction under vacuum from ramie...

Authors: Yong Jie Yan, Zheng Ren Huang, Shao Ming Dong, Dong Liang Jiang

Abstract: Ultra-fine titanium diboride (TiB2) powders have been prepared by carbothermal reduction reactions in TiO2-B2O3-C system using tetrabutyl...

Authors: Ding Peng, Hao Wang, Wei Min Wang, Yu Cheng Wang, Zheng Yi Fu

Abstract: In this paper, a carbothermal reduction and nitridation (CRN) synthesis for cubic aluminum oxynitride (γ-AlON) powders is reported. The CRN...

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