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Authors: I. Basu, J.T. Wood, Jonathan P. Weiler

Abstract: In this study, commercial AM60B magnesium alloy was studied under different solidification conditions to understand the influence of cooling...

Authors: Xi Shu Wang, Jing Hong Fan, Bi Sheng Wu, Ying Li

Abstract: To study the fatigue microcrack initiation and propagation behaviors of cast magnesium alloys, the small fatigue crack propagation tests...

Authors: Richard Johnson
Authors: Tang Li, Qing Yuan Wang, Q.F. Dou, Chong Wang, M.R. Sriraman

Abstract: Very high cycle fatigue (VHCF) properties of high-pressure die cast Magnesium alloy AZ91HP have been investigated. Ultrasonic fatigue tests...

Authors: Jonathan P. Weiler, J.T. Wood, I. Basu

Abstract: Gravity step-casting experiments were performed to investigate process-structure-property relationships in three different die-cast...

Authors: Q.Y. Wang, Hong Yan Zhang, S.R. Sriraman, S.L. Liu

Abstract: Magnesium alloys, on account of their lightweight, find useful applications in the automotive sector. During service, they experience very...

Authors: K. Maniraj, A.K. Lakshminarayanan

Abstract: An attempt is made to mitigate wear in cast magnesium alloy by incorporating flyash reinforcement on the surface through friction stir...

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