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Authors: Jian Wu Yu, M. Cheng, Shao Hui Yin, G.Z. Xie, X.L. Zhou

Abstract: The machining characteristics of cemented carbide YG8 under high speed grinding conditions are reported in this paper. The experimental...

Authors: Hoo Soon Im, Jah Mahn Hur, Wan Jae Lee

Abstract: The dry-milling technique was used for mixing and crushing oxides and graphite powder to get homogeneous mixed powders. The weight ratio of...

Authors: Lin Zhu, Jiang Ping Wang

Abstract: Focusing on the difficult-to-cut characteristic of titanium alloy, this paper selects several cemented carbide tool materials in the tests...

Authors: Rosemar Batista da Silva, Márcio Bacci da Silva, Wisley Falco Sales, Emanuel Okechukwu Ezugwu, Álisson Rocha Machado

Abstract: Machining efficiency of titanium alloys is crucial to the aerospace industry especially in the manufacture of bladed discs (blisks) where...

Authors: Xiong Yang, Xiao Ming Li, Jian Tong

Abstract: This paper researches the influences of different peak currents, gap voltages, pulse widths and duty cycles on the electrode relative...

Authors: A. Ottlik, Volker Schulze, L. Pintschovius, Hermann Müller, Detlef Löhe

Abstract: Brazing of cemented carbides to steel bodies gives rise to the development of complex stress states and distortions which influence the...

Authors: Marcelo Bertolete, Izabel Fernanda Machado, Daniel Rodrigues

Abstract: The aim is to analyze the influence of two sintering process parameters concerning the compact densification of WC-Co. The input variables...

Authors: Li Liu, Yao Nan Cheng, Jun Qian, Ya Nan Gong, Ming Yang Wu, Fu Gang Yan

Abstract: In the machining process of large parts, the dynamic alternating loading suffered by heavy carbide insert is very large, so the fatigue...

Authors: Qiu Lin Niu, Qing Long An, Ming Chen, Gang Liu, Cheng Yong Wang

Abstract: The cryogenic treatment is an extension of the cold processing technology by which the material properties could be changed. This provides a...

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