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Authors: Guo Quan Zhu, Guo Ping Chen, Lang Li, Lu Bing Dai

Abstract: Wind power is a clean renewable energy. It plays an important role in changing environmental condition and economic development. Wind...

Authors: David Blurtsyan

Abstract: Productivity of internal grinding processes is limited by wheel-workpiece contact area and high temperature generated during grinding....

Authors: Parth Shah, M. Ashwin Ganesh, Thundil Kuruppa Raj

Abstract: This paper deals with a comparative study of the outlet pressure-energy between a conventional and normal blade impeller and an...

Authors: Sun Jae Kim, Yeong Mu Ko, Han Cheol Choe
Authors: Miao Miao Gui, Yun Hui Fang, Qing Chang Lin, Fei Yu Yu, Tian Xing Lin, Xiu Xing Ma

Abstract: This paper uses centrifugal spray drying process to prepare powder polycarboxylate superplasticizer. The best spray drying process: speed of...

Authors: I En Lin, Yi Ling Ye, Ding Yuan Liang, Bang Wei Chen

Abstract: The CD-ELISA is a self-contained micro-device that incorporates low-power micro-fluidic components and high-sensitivity immune-molecules, and...

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