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Authors: Hai He Luo, Qi Zhou Cai

Abstract: A ZrO2-Y2O3-containing composite ceramic coating was firstly in situ prepared on AZ91D magnesium alloy by...

Authors: Hui Zhao, Zhen Liu, Zhong Han

Abstract: Characteristics of ceramic coatings on AM50 magnesium alloy by micro-arc oxidation in silicate and phosphate electrolytes have been...

Authors: Jair Silveira, Luiz Renato de A.P. Pontes, Josinaldo P. Leite, Jorge H. Echude-Silva

Abstract: This article presents a method to optimize the formulation of ceramic masses for coatings using the statistical design of experiments. The...

Authors: A.V. Karlov, O.I. Nalesnick, E.A. Eremkina, M.I. Mockshina
Authors: Sóstenes Rodrigues Do Rego, Kelly Cristiane Gomes, Antonio Farias Leal, Normando Perazzo Barbosa, Sandro Marden Torres, Silvio Romero de Barros

Abstract: The detachment of ceramic tiles from buildings is a problem that still persists in several modern constructions. Although there are several...

Authors: Pankaj N. Shrirao, Parvezalam I. Shaikh, Farazuddin Zafaruddin, A.N. Pawar

Abstract: Tests were performed on a single cylinder, four stroke, direct injection, diesel engine whose piston crown, cylinder head and valves were...

Authors: Wen Ge Li, He Ping Zhou, Yan Ling Zhao, Yin Li
Authors: Alan de Oliveira Feitosa, José Elson Soares Filho, Leonardo Leandro dos Santos, Romualdo Rodrigues Menezes, Ricardo Peixoto Suassuna Dutra

Abstract: Color is a very important characteristic in ceramic products. In ceramic coatings, the basis of ceramic is normally classified as red or...

Authors: Lei Zhang, Bi Bo Shao, Yong Wu, Peng Ling Yang, Meng Meng Tao, Yan Yan

Abstract: With the consistent improvement of the laser power and energy, further enhancement of the laser resistant ability of the target board is...

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