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Authors: Dong Xiang Shao, Guang Lin Wang, T.Z. Cui, H.C. Zhu

Abstract: This paper introduces a method of auto focusing based on fuzzy-control. Using this method, we design the scheme of optimization for focus....

Authors: S. Iqbal, Anand Krishna Asundi

Abstract: A Multipoint Diffraction Strain Sensor (MISS) with the novel feature of simultaneous strain measurement at multiple points is...

Authors: Hua Guo, L. Bai, J. Liu, Y. Shi

Abstract: This paper adopted the photoelectric micro measurement system based on CCD which was independently developed by Laboratory of Process...

Authors: John Österman, Anders Hallén, Mikael Jargelius, Uwe Zimmermann, Augustinas Galeckas, Bo Breitholtz
Authors: Qi Zhu

Abstract: Using high-resolution CCD chip and high-speed A/D converter chip, the design of the Video Communication System is given in this article,...

Authors: Z. Cao, Xi Chen Yang

Abstract: In this paper, a measurement system of temperature field in laser molten pool by CCD based on DSP is presented. The paper also presents the...

Authors: Xi Chen Yang, N. Yang, Z. Dong

Abstract: Laser direct manufacturing and re-fabricating have been used in many important fields in recent years. However, simulation and measurement...

Authors: Yu Mei Luo, De Jin Hu

Abstract: This paper deals with an on-line mismachining error measurement for curve grinding based on digital image processing. Using CCD camera, the...

Authors: Wen Li Wei, Xiu Fang Yang

Abstract: A kind of dynamic tracking system for conducting high accuracy measurement of transparent liquid concentration is designed by means of line...

Authors: Yong Hong Zhang, Hui Qiang Tang, Quan Lin Bu, De Jin Hu

Abstract: An on-line image measurement system for curve grinding was schemed out according to the working process. Because of interaction between...

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