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Authors: Jie Su, Xu Guang Wang

Abstract: The acquisition of steady-state data is the premise for optimizing the boiler combustion parameters. Assuming the measuring parameters obey...

Authors: Yong Le Lü

Abstract: In the research of Prognostics and Health Manage-ment aiming at the airborne equipments such as aeroengines, the working state of equipments...

Authors: Jie Su, Xu Guang Wang

Abstract: Assuming the measuring parameters obey the Gaussion distribution, this paper proposes a Chi-square distribution based steady data judgment...

Authors: T.M. Ivanova, H.U. Lubman, T.I. Savyolova, Vladimir Serebryany

Abstract: Experimental pole figures are measured by x-ray method for materials with hexagonal symmetry (Ti and Mg alloys). The Orientation...

Authors: Jie Su, Xu Guang Wang

Abstract: This paper proposes a gross error judgment criterion and diagnoses the transformer fault by integrating the gross error judgment criterion...

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