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Authors: Lucie Vodová, Radomír Sokolař

Abstract: Fluidized fly ash (class C according to ASTM) from thermal power plants Hodonin and Ledvice and stoneware clay B1 were used in the...

Authors: Chandani Tennakoon, Kwesi Sagoe-Crentsil, Jay G. Sanjayan, Ahmad Shayan

Abstract: The present study evaluates potential re-use options for two different types of brown coal fly ash (class C) sourced from Australia as...

Authors: Patthamaporn Timakul, Kanyarat Thanaphatwetphisit, Pavadee Aungkavattana

Abstract: This study investigated the effect of silica to alumina ratio on the compressive strength of geopolymer. The high calcium fly ash (Class C,...

Authors: Xiao Lu Guo, Hui Sheng Shi, Mao Song Lin, Wen Jing Dong

Abstract: Geopolymers with calcium contents were prepared from class C fly ash, metakaolin, and Ca(OH)2. Geopolymer products and ordinary...

Authors: Xue Ying Li, En Zu Zheng, Chun Long Ma

Abstract: The compressive strength of geopolymer prepared from a class C fly ash (CFA) at different curing conditions and mass ratio of water to fly...

Authors: Xiao Lu Guo, Hui Sheng Shi

Abstract: In this paper, leaching behavior of heavy metals from the class C fly ash (CFA)-based geopolymers were studied. The CFA-based geopolymers...

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