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Authors: Ji Sung Lim, Jae Woong Hwang, Cha Yong Choi, Bong Hwan Kim, Sung Hoon Park

Abstract: A new type of biofilter, the rotating drum biotrickling filter (RDBF) system, was developed and operated to remove styrene from waste gas...

Authors: Bing Tao Liu, Hai Rong Wang, Li Zhang

Abstract: Workmen for the wastewater treatment advocated wastewater reusing in the conference which the technically development and strategic research...

Authors: Ming Ke Cai, Wu Quan He

Abstract: Muddy river is the water source for most northern channel irrigation districts in China. Pipe clogging is the main problem to limit...

Authors: Zhi Xin Song, Shao Yuan Bai, Jian Xu

Abstract: this review summarizes an important factor of clogging in subsurface flow constructed wetlands ¬(SSF)—field distribution. The efficiency of...

Authors: Zhao Xia Tong, Lun Chen, Shao Peng Zhou

Abstract: The applied loads have a significant role on the filtration property of soil and geotextile systems. This paper investigates the effects of...

Authors: Mohamed O. Helmy, Ahmed M. Fath El-Bab, H.A. El-Hofy

Abstract: The accuracy and clogging of microchannels are important for assessing the quality of lab on chip (L-O-C) devices. The clogging affects the...

Authors: Yan Juan Liu, Ming Zhu, Ya Wen Yang, Ai Bin Kang

Abstract: Taking high concentration livestock wastewater as research object, The results showed that the constructed rapid infiltration system...

Authors: Xiao Lin Bian, Jian Guo Liu

Abstract: A common failure mode for landfills is clogging of the leachate collection system. Based on the studies of clogging about landfill leachate...

Authors: R. Bremond, D. Jeulin, M. Abouaf, C. His
Authors: Fei Ma, Li Jiang, Ting Zeng

Abstract: More and more constructed wetland CW) were used to treat waste water in the world for its advantage on cheaper and efficiency. CW would clog...

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