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Authors: Yuan Yang, Zhong Qi Wang, Yong Gang Kang, Zheng Ping Chang

Abstract: Since the bracket deformation caused by its deadweight is too large, and the riveting of aircraft panel is always over-tolerance, a new...

Authors: Zhi Yong Yu, Ming Lu, Zhen Nan Wang, Yi Gong Zhang

Abstract: With conventional droop control, parallel operation of distributed generations (DG) in microgrid would lead to unbalanced power sharing. In...

Authors: K.J. Chang, Sang Guk Lee, Byoung Ho Cheong
Authors: Han Huang

Abstract: This paper summarised our recent results on the development of grinding technologies for the fabrication of aspheric components at...

Authors: Juan Liao, Chi Zhou, Feng Ruan, Yin Zhu

Abstract: The dimensional inaccuracy caused by springback is a major problem for most stamping applications. One of the most promising ways to solve...

Authors: Dan Ma, Ji Da Huang

Abstract: Based on the complexity of brake, this paper simulated the exact relationship between time and motor drive current. According to the...

Authors: Xuan Wang, Valérie Budinger, Yves Gourinat

Abstract: Piezoelectric actuators exhibit creep behavior in open-loop operation, which may lead to unaffordable errors in high precision static...

Authors: Seung Yub Baek, Eun Sang Lee, Jong Koo Won

Abstract: This study presents the development of an ultra-precision grinding system based on a new grinding technique called the “In-Process Grinding...

Authors: Wei Yan, Xian Qi Huang, Ying Sheng Zhou

Abstract: For a large percentage of control systems, the primary objective is to obtain high steady-state accuracy. Another goal is to maintain the...

Authors: Mei Chu, Guang Nan Guo, Yong Gang Yun, Hong Yan Shi, Jin Ping Liu

Abstract: The atomicity characteristic of traditional transaction processing makes entire transaction process to naught in case of specific event or...

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