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Authors: Virginia Martina, M. Federica de Riccardis, Daniela Carbone

Abstract: Poly(etherether-ketone) (PEEK) suspensions in ethanol and isopropanol containing also α-alumina and hydroxyapatite powders were studied. An...

Authors: Hong Liang Chen, Chang Sheng Zhu, Peng Ye

Abstract: Flywheels serve as kinetic energy storage and retrieval devices with the ability to deliver high output power at high rotational speeds as...

Authors: Kazunari Shinagawa, Y. Hirashima
Authors: Jing Jie Cong, Bo Ming Zhang, Jia Yu

Abstract: It is widely acknowledged that decisions made in the early design stages have a greater influence on the final product than those made in...

Authors: Makoto Imura, Tetsusei Kurashiki, Hiroaki Nakai, Masaru Zako

Abstract: Fiber reinforced composite materials have been applied widely to many structures, because they have some advantages like easy handling,...

Authors: Emmanuel Lacoste, Sylvain Fréour, Frédéric Jacquemin

Abstract: The present work aims to investigate the validity of Eshelby-Kröner self-consistent model [1] for thermoelastic behaviour, in the case of a...

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