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Authors: Bao Long Shen, Chun Tao Chang, Akihisa Inoue
Authors: Mishel Weschler, Aurora Antoniac, Danut Cojocaru, Iulian Vasile Antoniac

Abstract: The purpose of our study was to compare the mechanical properties of the different abutment under the static loading, aspect treated by many...

Authors: Eun Suk Choi, Jung Woo Lee, Chang Joh, Jong Won Kwark, Jee Sang Kim, Yoon Seok Choi

Abstract: In the application of Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) to PSC girders by using the post-tensioning system, the high strength and...

Authors: Wen Wen Peng, Wei Dong Zeng, Qing Jiang Wang, Yan Chun Zhu

Abstract: A novel high-speed photography is introduced to determine the critical fracture strain of a near alpha titanium ally during hot compression...

Authors: C. Mahesh, Anindya Deb, S.V. Kailas, C. Uma Shankar, T.R.G. Kutty, K.N. Mahule

Abstract: The characterization of a closed-cell aluminum foam with the trade name Alporas is carried out here under compression loading for a nominal...

Authors: Hee Jae Shin, Lee Ku Kwac, Sun Ho Ko, Tae Hoon Kim, Hong Gun Kim

Abstract: Of the advanced composite materials for aerospace structures such as aircrafts and space devices, the carbon fiber reinforced plastics...

Authors: Ying Tong, Guo Zheng Quan, Gang Luo, Jie Zhou

Abstract: This work was focused on the compressive deformation behavior of 42CrMo steel at temperatures from 1123K to 1348K and strain rates from...

Authors: Ji Lin Yu, Er Heng Wang, Liu Wei Guo

Abstract: The phenomenological constitutive framework for compressible elasto-plastic solids presented by Chen and Lu [1] is extended to the dynamic...

Authors: Chao Lu, Peng Ding, Zheng Hua Chen

Abstract: In this paper, we use acoustic emission (AE) system to collect the AE signals and analyze the damage evolution during the monotonic...

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