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Authors: Qing Wei Jiang, Lin Xiao, Xiao Wu Li

Abstract: The temperature-dependent deformation and damage behaviors of ultrafine-grained (UFG) Cu and Ti produced by equal channel angular pressing...

Authors: A. Kumao, N. Nakamura, H. Endoh, Y. Okamoto, Mayumi Suzuki
Authors: Yao Wang, Qing Wei Jiang, Ying Wu, Xiao Wu Li

Abstract: The individual or joint effects of annealing and equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) treatments on the high-temperature compressive...

Authors: Wei Min Gan, Ming Yi Zheng, S.B. Li, Kun Wu

Abstract: Compressive deformation behaviors of extruded SiCw/AZ91 were investigated in Gleeble-1500 thermal simulator at temperatures from 743 K to...

Authors: Ming Yi Zheng, S.W. Xu, Wei Min Gan, Kun Wu, Shigeharu Kamado, Yo Kojima, Heinz Günter Brokmeier

Abstract: An ultrafine-grained (UFG) Mg-5.0wt%Zn-0.9wt%Y-0.2wt%Zr magnesium alloy with a grain size of about 0.8 µm was produced by subjecting the...

Authors: Shou Jiang Qu, Jie Cai Han, Song He Meng

Abstract: The compressive properties characterized as a function of the true stress-strain response of the ferritic oxide dispersion strengthened...

Authors: S.B. Li, Wei Min Gan, Ming Yi Zheng, Kun Wu

Abstract: Compressive behaviors of SiCw/AZ91composite and AZ91 alloy were investigated at temperatures from 423 K to 723 K and strain rates from...

Authors: Philippe Burger, Richard Duclos, Jacques Crampon
Authors: Chun Yan Wang, Kun Wu, Ming Yi Zheng

Abstract: The high temperature compressive tests of squeeze casting ZK60 magnesium alloy with temperatures of 573-723K and strain rate in the range...

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