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Authors: Stefan Mihić, Sorin Cioc, Ioan Marinescu, Michael C. Weismiller

Abstract: Fluids have an important role in grinding. Correct fluid application results in enhanced process stability, better work piece quality, and...

Authors: Hui Li, Xin Hui Ma

Abstract: Because of excessive pressure loss when the gas went through distributor in fluidized bed (FB), based on the principle and method of...

Authors: Zhe Lv, Chuan Zhen Huang, Jun Wang, Hong Tao Zhu, Cui Lian Che

Abstract: Having an insight on the fluid field in AWJ machining is of important significance but the direct observation and measurement can be hardly...

Authors: Y. L. Liu, Y. Zheng, P. Zhang, W.L. Wei

Abstract: In this paper, the CFD approach is used to study the solid–liquid two-phase turbulent flow and sludge concentration distribution in a...

Authors: Liang Zhao, Song Lin Xu

Abstract: A pervaporation simulation was used to describe the fluid flow in a spacer filled channel for trichloroacetic acid (TCA) removal from...

Authors: Yu Chun Li, Xiao Jie Zhang, Shi Wen Jia

Abstract: The method of computational fluid dynamics (CFD, Fluent code) was applied to simulate the Strouhal numbers of the empty and fulfilled...

Authors: Andre Nader, Asiful Islam, Ben Thornber

Abstract: A 20° SAE Notchback model was utilised in a comparative study between RANS methods with both unstructured and structured grids and Implicit...

Authors: Afshin Banazadeh, Farzad Banazadeh

Abstract: This paper provides an understanding of counter-flow fluidic thrust vectoring, in the presence of the secondary air vacuum, applied to the...

Authors: Aladdin Elhadad, Wen Yang Duan, Rui Deng

Abstract: The wave glider is a surface vehicle with an attached sub-surface wing system which propels the surface component forward, negating...

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