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Authors: Chao Xu, Dong Chen

Abstract: Ab initio electronic structures for β-Ge3N4 are investigated using ultrasoft pseudo-potential method within the...

Authors: Chao Xu, Dong Chen

Abstract: The structural and elastic properties of the cubic spinel Ge3N4 semiconductor have been investigated using the ab...

Authors: Sergey A. Aksenov, Irina V. Logashina, Eugene N. Chumachenko, Milan Kotas

Abstract: The subject of the paper is a study of the material behaviour during hot rolling. The process considered is a rolling of round bar in...

Authors: Z.S. Nikolić, M. Yoshimura, S. Araki

Abstract: Two-dimensional numerical model is adopted to analyze the heat transfer process during solidification of the sample melted in an Arc-image...

Authors: Yoshiki Komiya, Shoichi Hirosawa, Tatsuo Sato

Abstract: The formation of nanoclusters in the early aging stage is not fully clarified due to their extremely small sizes. To clarify the...

Authors: Cherng Shing Lin, Min Gen Wu, Sheng Min Tsai

Abstract: A large number of factories have been sequentially established in Taiwan following the economic take-off several decades ago. However, this...

Authors: Yiming Li

Abstract: Quantum correction model features the correction of the inversion layer charge on different classical transport models in semiconductor...

Authors: Yu.V. Truschin, R.A. Yankov, V.S. Kharlamov, D.V. Kulikov, D.N. Tsigankov, U. Kreissig, M. Voelskow, Jörg Pezoldt, Wolfgang Skorupa
Authors: A.C. Buriti, A.G.P. Silva, Uilame Umbelino Gomes
Authors: Hyung Soo Ahn, Il Hyung Park, Denis DiAngelo

Abstract: The biomechanical changes brought on by spine fusion and the artificial disc designs to restore physiologic motion were studied by using a...

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