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Authors: Lei Chen, Xiao Cong Ma, Ming Jia Wang, Hua Gui Huang

Abstract: The flow behavior and microstructural evolution of an as-wrought duplex stainless steel has been investigated by Gleeble-3500...

Authors: Jiao Luo, Miao Quan Li, Y.Q. Hu

Abstract: A constitutive equation has been established to describe the effect of grain size on the deformation behavior of Ti-6.62Al-5.14Sn-1.82Zr...

Authors: Kazunari Shinagawa, Y. Hirashima
Authors: Zoltán Pálmai

Abstract: The common feature of the different forming technologies is that the deformation is concentrated into a relatively narrow shear zone. The...

Authors: Nicholas J. Politis, Denis J. Politis, Catrin Mair Davies, Jian Guo Lin

Abstract: Constitutive equations have been used extensively to accurately describe material properties over a wide range of temperatures and strain...

Authors: Ji Ming Zhou, Le Hua Qi, Guo Ding Chen

Abstract: This paper describes a new integration algorithm for hyperbolic sine constitutive equation (HSCE) used in semi-solid forming. An...

Authors: Yong Zhi Hua, Li Wen Guan, Xin Jun Liu, Yu Hui Zhang

Abstract: These methods that extract parameters of constitutive equations can be divided into three groups: direct search-based strategies,...

Authors: Fu Guo Li, Xiao Na Wang, Xiao Lu Yu

Abstract: This paper advances a new optimization method about material constitutive equation on the basis of physical simulation and numerical...

Authors: Zhong Guo Huang, Shun Yao Jin, Qing Hua Yuan

Abstract: An elevated temperature deformation test of industrial coarse-grained Ti-6Al-4V(TC4), which is for gas forming process, was conducted under...

Authors: Ming Tu Ma, Yan Zhao, Gang Fang, Yi Feng

Abstract: In this paper, the high speed tension experiments have been performed on ultra high strength bullet proof steel. The samples were cut from...

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