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Authors: Hong Liang Zheng, Lin Li, Xin Xin Yuan, Xue Lei Tian

Abstract: This paper presents the relationship between the carbon atom diffusion coefficient in the austenite and the temperature during the nodular...

Authors: R. Datta, Sanak Mishra, V. Ramaswamy, Anthony J. DeArdo
Authors: A. Shokouhi, Hossein Beladi, Peter D. Hodgson
Authors: A. Rose, O. Kessler, Fabian Hoffmann, H.W. Zoch, P. Krug

Abstract: For quenching of age hardenable aluminum alloys today predominantly aqueous quenching media are used, which can lead due to the Leidenfrost...

Authors: Anand S. Solay, B. Mohan

Abstract: In this paper the effect of particle size of aluminium powder and furnace controlled cooling after sintering on porosity level and micro...

Authors: Yan Hai Yang, Xiao Xi Gao, Jin Guo Wu

Abstract: The paper uses a new energy-saving and environment-protecting road material. On the basis of comparative analysis with the road all...

Authors: K.V. Sreenivas Rao, S. Sanman

Abstract: The cooling rate depends on the properties of the mold material which has significant influence on the formation of microstructure and in...

Authors: Yuan She, Wei Ming Kong, Zhao Hui Zhang

Abstract: The tests were conducted on 400MPa hot-rolled ribbed bar (HRB400). The cool bending fracture appeared frequently in the production was...

Authors: Jaideep Dutta, S. Narendranath, Aleksandr Zhilin

Abstract: This article reveals a detailed study of temperature cycle formed during Gas Tungsten Arc welding of high carbon steel (AISI 1090) butt...

Authors: Manuela Cristina Perju, Catalin Andrei Tugui, Carmen Nejneru

Abstract: For a number of methods used in the cooling heat treatment technique, are required quenching media with cooling rate lower than that of...

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