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Authors: You Hong Zhang, Qian Zhang, Xin Long Chang, Chun Guo Yue, Shi Ying Zhang, Wan Lei Liu

Abstract: Degradation of mechanical properties of electric explosive device fuse-head was serious in different temperature and humidity environments....

Authors: Zhi Guo Liu, Zhi Tao Mu, Zeng Jie Cai

Abstract: Three different analysis methods was put forward to carried out aircraft aluminum alloy structure corrosion damage forecasting,and...

Authors: Sheng Li Lv, You Cui, Wei Zhang, Xiao Yan Tong

Abstract: The pre-corrosion damage tests of LC4 aluminum alloy with the shot peening surface treatment and un-shot peening surface treatment are...

Authors: Shigenobu Kainuma, Jin Hee Ahn, In Tae Kim

Abstract: Shear buckling strength of a web panel with local corrosion damage can be changed by web corrosion pattern. In this study, To find critical...

Authors: Yong Gao, Wen Lin Liu, Wei Han, Xiang Yi Liu, Da Zhao Yu

Abstract: In an effort to improve the reliability and reduce the operating costs of helicopter structure, an increasing emphasis is being placed on...

Authors: Sheng Li Lv, Cheng Long Xu, Zhen Guo Wang, Fei Zhao, Xiao Yan Tong

Abstract: Corrosion of ocean engineering steel structures leads huge economic loses each year. To decrease corrosive loses and guarantee the safety of...

Authors: Bo Chen, Jian Feng Wei, Jin Zheng

Abstract: The evaluation on environmental corrosion damage of steel domes is carried out in this study through an integration of knowledge in material...

Authors: Xu Dong Li, Zeng Jie Cai, Zhi Tao Mu

Abstract: This paper investigates the growth behavior of fatigue cracks initiated at corrosion pits in laboratory coupons of LC9 aluminum alloy...

Authors: Hua Zhao, Rui Xiong, Bo Wen Guan

Abstract: In view of the condition that there has been few investigation on the fatigue damage mechanism of cement concrete under sulfate corrosion,...

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