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Authors: Guang Can Jin, Shu Ying Chen, Mei Zhao, Qing Chun Li, Xu Dong Yue, Guo Wei Chang

Abstract: The tensile process of 800MPa grade dual-phase steel was observed in-situ by SEM. The initiation and propagation of crack in dual-phase...

Authors: S. Mohammadi, S. Forouzan-Sepehr
Authors: Kahina Chabane, Salaheddine Harzallah, Mohamed Chabaat

Abstract: In this paper, we present a nondestructive Testing by sensor Eddy current is used as a tool to control cracks and micro-cracks in materials....

Authors: Cristian Sorin Nes, Nicolae Faur, Liviu Marsavina

Abstract: Objectives: Numerical determinations of Stress Intensity Factors (SIFs) for a shaft under mixed-mode load with a crack of different sizes in...

Authors: Jiu Jun Wang

Abstract: people usually think that the cracks of cast-in-place floor slab is the inevitable phenomenon in theory, but by finding reason in some ways,...

Authors: Manuel Marya

Abstract: In both Oil & Gas (OG) and automotive industries, welding is an essential part of fabrication routes and the challenges in welding metallic...

Authors: Shi Lun Feng, Qing Qing Guo, Yong Hong Wu

Abstract: Temporary bracing is often viewed as an unnecessary step in the process of constructing a structural facility. Unfortunately, many times...

Authors: Wei Jiu Huang, Rong Chang Zeng, An Hua Chen

Abstract: The paper studied the fretting properties and the fretting mechanism of AZ91D and AM60B magnesium alloy. The results showed that the AZ91D...

Authors: A.J. Morris, R.F. Robey, P.D. Couch, E. De los Rios
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