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Authors: Yi Qi, Xiao Ming Rui, Jian Cheng Wan, Jun Hui Li

Abstract: Through many samples of 1000mm2 large section conductor creep test, the creep characteristics of 1000mm2 large section...

Authors: Jean-Louis Chermant, F. Doreau, Jean Vicens
Authors: Vladimír Křístek, Lukáš Kadlec

Abstract: Due to increase of requirements on accuracy of structural analyses, practically applicable computational tools for reliable determination of...

Authors: Petr Král, Jiří Dluhoš, Pavel Peřina, Tomáš Barták

Abstract: Experiments were conducted to determine microstructure changes occurring during thermal exposure in metals processed by equal-channel...

Authors: Wei Shen Zhu, Jian Hua Liu, Shu Cai Li

Abstract: A brief description is given to the visco-plastic constitutive model of 3-D FLAC software and some treating methods for the numerical...

Authors: Osvaldo Vallati, Fabrizio Gara, Gianluca Ranzi, Graziano Leoni

Abstract: This paper presents a comparison of available numerical structural formulations for the short-and long-term analysis of composite beams with...

Authors: Danieli A.P. Reis, Carlos de Moura Neto, Antônio Augusto Couto, Cosme Roberto Moreira Silva, Francisco Piorino Neto, M.J.R. Barboza

Abstract: Thermomechanical and electrical properties of zirconia-based ceramics have led to a wide range of advanced and engineering ceramic...

Authors: Wei Wang, Jun Lv, Hai Cheng Wang

Abstract: Based on the results obtained by the triaxial creep test, a creep-damage constitutive model for sandstone is presented by using the damage...

Authors: A. Hartmaier, Markus J. Buehler, Hang Gao
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