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Authors: Xian Qi Wei, Yong Jie Wang, Ming Yang Zhang, Zhong Zhang

Abstract: ZnO thin films are grown on sapphire substrate by employing a Nd:YAG (1064nm) laser ablation in 1.3 Pa oxygen ambient. X-ray diffraction...

Authors: Run Fu Li, Hua Li, Hui Ying Chen, Jian Xin Xia, Chun Lin Long

Abstract: Monodisperse nickel phosphide (Ni5P4) nanoparticles supported on carbon (Ni5P4@C) were in situ...

Authors: Xia Wang, Ming Qing Xing

Abstract: Large single crystal of Na2Ni (SO4)2.4H2O (NNSH) was grown for the first time using method of isothermal decrease of supersaturation. The...

Authors: Jian Qiang Li, Wei Pan, Rui Gang Wang, Jian Chen
Authors: Guo Hui Zhang, Jian Jun Chen, Yun Long Deng, Yun Hui Sun, Du Xia Cao

Abstract: A pyridinium dye with N-butyl-carbazole as an electron donor group and pyridinium cation as electron acceptor group has been synthesized....

Authors: Y. Kabalov, E. Sokolova, V. Gorbatova, J. Schneider, A. Konev
Authors: Hui Bai, Hong Gao, Ming Hu

Abstract: The coordination polymer, namely, [Cd (L)2(phen)]n (1) (HL=2,4-dinitro-benzoic acid, phen=1,10-phenanthroline) has...

Authors: Jian Rong Xiao, Ai Hua Jiang

Abstract: Copper nitride films were prepared by reactive magnetron sputtering on glass sheets at different deposition conditions. The surface...

Authors: Ling Xiao, Yan Hua Sun, Chun Hua Ding, Chao Zhu, Lie Yu

Abstract: Two-phase thin solid films consisted of Au nanoparticles imbedded in an amorphous matrix were prepared via a series of galvanic replacement...

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