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Authors: Hai Long Zhu, Hong Hui Tong, Fa Zhan Yang, Qin Wang, Chang Ming Cheng
Chapter 3: Composites and Ceramics
Abstract:To obtain high-performance alumina powder for high-tech application, a comparative study was carried out for the spheroidization of two types...
Authors: Christian Lexcellent, Elie Gibeau
Abstract:At first, some comments are made concerning the capacity of prediction of the microstructure for shape memory alloys by the...
Authors: Michael E. Boiko, Andrei M. Boiko
Abstract:The project ISTC “SPECTROMETRIC POSITION SENSITIVE DETECTOR WITH BASE ENERGY SHIFT” is interesting for creation new area semiconductor...
Authors: K.D. Patel, B.P. Modi, R. Srivastava
Authors: Jana Horníková, Pavel Šandera, Jaroslav Pokluda
Abstract:Nanoindentation is considered to be a very promising experimental approach to measuring the ideal shear strength since the stressed volume...
Authors: Takeshi Teramoto, Masaki Tahara, Tomonari Inamura, Hideki Hosoda, Shuichi Miyazaki
Chapter 1: Materials, Phase Transformation and Microstructure
Abstract:Composition dependence of the compatibility condition at junction plane (JP) (interface between habit plane variants (HV)) was evaluated by...
Authors: Qing Wu Wang, Mao Pang, Shi Hui Zhang
Abstract:Single crystal nickel base superalloys, such as Chinese material DD6 have been used in gas turbine blade in China more and more widely. In...
Authors: Hitoshi Ohsato
Abstract:This article summarizes the work of the author’s lab based on crystallography. The topics are categorized in the following three fields: The...
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