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Authors: Ming Liu, Philip Datseris, He Helen Huang

Abstract: In this paper, we designed a prototype of powered above-knee prosthesis. Compared with other prototypes available in the literature, our...

Authors: Wen Cheng Wang

Abstract: The principles of PWM and Hall sensor have been introduced in this paper. To the defects of traditional methods, it proposed the designing...

Authors: Il Ho Jung, Jong Hwi Seo, Hyung Suk Han, Tae Won Park, Joo Yong Kim
Authors: Zhen Yang Lu, Peng Fei Huang, Yong Gang Zhang, Shao Jun Bai

Abstract: A stable and even wire feed speed is a guarantee of good quality welding. A new wire feed system, without any speed-measuring equipment, has...

Authors: Marian Gaiceanu, Cristian Eni, Mihaita Coman

Abstract: In order to obtain an appropriate control for the electrical drive systems the real parameters values must be known accurately. Moreover,...

Authors: Vlad Mureşan, Mihail Abrudean

Abstract: In this paper, a solution for the automatic control of the driving mechanisms that load/unload billets in/from a rotary hearth furnace is...

Authors: Bing Qiang Shan, Hai Sheng Yu, Zhao Bo Teng, Ning Zhu

Abstract: A novel state error port-controlled Hamiltonian (PCH) system method is presented for speed control the direct current (DC) separately...

Authors: Nemat Changizi, Mahbubeh Moghadas, Mohamad Reza Dastranj, Mohsen Farshad

Abstract: In this paper, an intelligent speed controller for DC motor is designed by combination of the fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms. First, the...

Authors: Wen Jiao Zai, Hua Zhang Wang

Abstract: The paper designs a high power DC motor closed-loop control system, mainly including design of H bridge drive circuit, speed detection...

Authors: Dan Dan Zhu, Hong Wen Li

Abstract: Along with the development of microelectronic process, it is possible to integrate a big system in one chip. A new way to implement system...

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