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Authors: Camilla Colla

Abstract: The 12th C. Modena Cathedral is a masterpiece testimony of early Romanesque architecture, artand civic values of the time. Following the...

Authors: Jean-Louis Chermant, F. Doreau, Jean Vicens
Authors: Zohra Sendi, Carl Labergère, Khemais Saanouni, Hedi Belhadj Salah

Abstract: The Finite Element Method (FEM) is today the most widely used in numerical simulation of forming processes, due essentially to the...

Authors: H. Maupas, Jean-Louis Chermant
Authors: Pierre Lhuissier, Mario Scheel, Luc Salvo, Elodie Boller, Marco Di Michiel, Jean Jacques Blandin

Abstract: As for aluminium alloys, magnesium alloys are generally sensitive to strain induced cavitation when they are deformed in superplastic...

Authors: Jun Li, Gui Qiong Jiao, Bo Wang

Abstract: 2D C/SiC ceramic matrix composite (CMC) displays significant damage characteristic coupled with inelastic strain under tension and shear...

Authors: Irene Guiamatsia, Giang Dinh Nguyen

Abstract: Failure develops and propagates through a structure via a complex sequence of competing micro-mechanisms occurring simultaneously. While the...

Authors: Usik Lee, Yong Ju Jun, Il Wook Park

Abstract: A computer-aided time reversal process (CTRP) is proposed for the structural damage diagnosis. In the standard time reversal process (STRP),...

Authors: Zhong Zhou, Xiao Jun Wang

Abstract: A damage constitutive model of dry/water-saturated granite is proposed within the framework of continuum mechanics and mixture theory, and...

Authors: Martina Lovrenić-Jugović, Zdenko Tonković, Ante Bakić

Abstract: The present paper is concerned with an experimental research and numerical modelling of the viscoelastic-viscoplastic-damage behaviour of...

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