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Authors: Tereza Komárková, Monika Králíková, Dalibor Kocáb, Petr Misák, Tomáš Stavař
Abstract: The durability of concrete can be assessed based on the quality of the surface layer of concrete, for which there are a few standardized assessment test methods. Usually, the quality of the surface layer of concrete is evaluated based on its air and water permeability. The aim of this experiment was to compare the outputs which provide some methods for determining the permeability of the surface layer of concrete (GWT, ISAT, TPT, the depth of penetration of water under pressure). The measured values using the individual methods of assessing the permeability of the surface layer of concrete very closely correspond.
Authors: Vladimír Suchánek, Matěj Slováček
Abstract: This report deals with the description of development of waterproof steel fibre reinforced concrete (suitable for concrete lining of tunnel constructions in particular) in cooperation with the concrete supplier. With regard to newly released documents, two formulas of waterproof concrete supplemented with steel and polypropylene fibres were suggested. The formulas were designed according to different approaches (standards / Austrian Directive), and they differ only in various weight doses of the individual components. With regard to the general requirements for the tunnel lining (fire resistance tests, chemical stability, strength, impermeability and adhesion), strength and plastic properties, durability parameters (depth of penetration of water under pressure, depth of penetration of standing water, frost resistance, resistance of cement concrete surface to water and defrosting chemicals, depth of penetration of chloride) and the resistance to extreme thermal stress were determined in both the formulas. Standardized tests and non-standard testing have been completed.
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