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Authors: Di Li, Wen Qian Kang, Peng Wei Guo

Abstract: The finite element method has been extensively used to predict forming difficulties of die forging problems. However, the analysis for die...

Authors: Di Li, Jia Chuan Xu, Wen Qian Kang

Abstract: The analysis for die forging forming problems with finite element method can lose considerable accuracy due to severely distortional meshes....

Authors: Ludwik Majewski, Arkadiusz Trąbka

Abstract: This paper presents an assessment of dynamic properties of a die hammer. The object of research is the steam-air die hammer MPM 10000 B...

Authors: Todor Nikolov Penchev, Ivan Lyubomirov Altaparmakov, Dimitar Nedelchev Karastojanov

Abstract: Technological processes such as forging, die forging, pile driving, etc., are realized as a result of a collision between two bodies. The...

Authors: Yang Yang, Li Wen Zhang, Zhi Zhu, Jian Lin Zhan

Abstract: In this paper, based on the finite element (FE) software Deform 3D, the simulation of the die forging process of a high pressure valve body...

Authors: Andreas Feuerhack, Carolin Binotsch, Birgit Awiszus

Abstract: In the SFB 692 HALS (High-strength aluminum based lightweight materials for safety components), subproject B-3, the production of an...

Authors: Miroslava Kostalova, Maria Kapustova

Abstract: The article showed procedure of forging technological flow design modification of real component “fork”, with using of computer simulation....

Authors: Li Hong Wu

Abstract: Employing the dies for aluminum alloy parts, the hot die-forging forming and numerical simulation of semi-continuous casting Mg-7.0Al-0.4Zn...

Authors: Jian Lin Zhang, Li Wen Zhang, Yang Yang, Zhi Zhu

Abstract: In this paper, the multi-stage die forging process of a high pressure valve bonnet was simulated by 3D coupled thermal-mechanical...

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