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Authors: Hui Lan Ren, Ping Li

Abstract: The dynamic response of polycrystalline alumina were investigated in the pressure range of 0-13Gpa by planar impact experiments. Manganin...

Authors: H.W. Jun, Hyun Kwang Seok, Joo Sun Kim, Hai Won Lee

Abstract: A feasibility study was conducted, in order to fabricate WC-Co powder granule as high-performance feedstock for thermal spraying process,...

Authors: Chun Ping Liu, Yun Shi, Yan Dong Tang, Xin Liao

Abstract: A graphing method is presented in this paper for estimating the parameters of solute transport in soils based on the convection-dispersion...

Authors: Yu Wei Sun, Yu Kun Bai

Abstract: A dual-core photonic crystal fiber (PCF) with high birefringence, short coupling length and broadband flat dispersion is proposed in the...

Authors: Xiao Bo Wang, Chuan Sheng Wang

Abstract: Quantitative evaluation of carton black’s dispersion is useful for researching the influence of every kind of mixing procedure on carton...

Authors: Zheng Xu, Shou Ci Lu

Abstract: A new electrostatic dispersion device was designed to reduce the agglomeration of fine powder in the air. This device is using the repulse...

Authors: Xiang Ying Hao, Cui Zhang, Shuang Xi Liu, Hai Fu Guo

Abstract: Zeolites mordenite (MOR) and β decorated with high dispersion degree and loading content of CuO composite (symbolized as CuO/zeolite) were...

Authors: Dong Ming Qi, Rui Zhang, Jie Xu, Xing Cong Shen, Koh Hei Nitta

Abstract: A novel phenolic rigid organic filler (named K3) was dispersed in isotactic polypropylene matrix (iPP) by melt-mixing process, and a series...

Authors: Shu Ping Yi, Hai Yi Ma, Hua An Wang

Abstract: Near surface disposal of low and intermediate level radioactive waste (LILW) requires a detailed site investigation of the potential sites,...

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