Distributed Generation (DG)

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Authors: Bing Bing Tong, Gui Bin Zou, Ming Lei Shi
Chapter 5: Power System, Control and Automation
Abstract:High penetration level of distributed generation (DG) connected to distribution network makes the protection and control in the traditional...
Authors: R.M. Sasiraja, V. Suresh Kumar, S. Sudha
Abstract:A distribution system is known as an interface between the central power system and its consumers. DGs are defined as small scale generation...
Authors: Ke Zhu, Xiao Hui Lu, Bo Zhang
Abstract:This paper presents a novel method to reduce the inrush currents produced by interconnecting induction generators. The method is based on the...
Authors: Dong Xie, Xing Zhang
Chapter 3: Energy Engineering and Technologies for Extraction Energy Resources
Abstract:In the area of renewable energy technologies, islanding of distributed generation system needs to be prevented due to safety reasons and to...
Authors: Yu Hui, Xin Wang, Dong Mei Zhao, Jian Su, Peng Wang, Hai Tao Liu
Chapter 5: Electronics and Microelectronics, Embedded and Integrated Systems, Communications and Signal Processing, Power and Energy, Electric and Magnetic Systems
Abstract:Adaptation evaluation index system is established according to the influences brought by the distributed generations (DGs) interconnected...
Authors: Hui Bin Sui, Ying Sun, Wei Jen Lee, Meng Liu
Chapter 4: Energy and Power Engineering
Abstract:An AMI platform for DG energy management is proposed to provide service both utilities and customers in this paper. By enabling the...
Authors: Han Ping Zhang
Chapter 7: Applied Mathematics, Processing of Data and Signal, Data Mining and Computational Procedures
Abstract:The traditional methods of power flow calculation are no longer applicable for microgrid for the reason that there are many kinds of...
Authors: Han Guo Yu, Jian Ru Wan, Ran Liu
Chapter 6: Power and Electric Systems, Electronics and Microelectronics, Embedded and Integrated Systems
Abstract:According to the power quality problems of micro-grid, this paper presents a control program of the Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC)...
Authors: Yong Hong Ma, Dan Dan Cui, Xiu Yu Wang
Chapter 7: Power System and Energy Engineering, its Applications
Abstract:This paper studies network security of the multi-microgrid distribution system (MMDS) composing of a large number of distributed...
Authors: Yuan Liu, Ming Sun, Gao Fei Ge
Chapter 6: Power System and Automation
Abstract:Reliable and accurate microgrid protection is significant for micro-grid operation.traditional proection methods can not meet the...
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