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Authors: Rui Jian, Jun Zhao

Abstract: This paper is concerned with the problem of license plate recognition of vehicles. A recognition algorithm based on dynamic sliding window...

Authors: Hui Cheng, Yuan Li, Kai Fu Zhang, Jun Zhang

Abstract: Thrust force is the most important element which will cause delamination in the drilling of CFRP. This paper developed a dynamic thrust...

Authors: Cheng Long Zhang, Ping Fa Feng, Zhi Jun Wu, Ding Wen Yu

Abstract: Rotary ultrasonic machining is a hybrid machining process that combines diamond grinding and ultrasonic machining. The mathematical...

Authors: Qin He Zhang, Jian Hua Zhang, J.H. Cheng, C.Q. Zhang, Sheng Feng Ren
Authors: L.J. Zheng, Cheng Yong Wang, Yue Xian Song, L.P. Yang, Y.P. Qu, Ping Ma, L.Y. Fu

Abstract: Drilling is a particularly complicated machining process, and it becomes much more complicated when the workpiece is printed circuit boards...

Authors: Kun Xian Qiu, Sheng Qin, Chun Xin Ge, Ming Chen

Abstract: Both aluminum alloy and titanium alloy have been widely used in aerospace, aviation, military and automotive industries. This research...

Authors: R. Ganesh, R. Satyaprakash, M. Prakash, Chandrasekaran Kesavan

Abstract: This paper aims to understand the influence of sintering temperature on the drilling performance of Al 2219 – SiCp composite....

Authors: Tadeusz Mikolajczyk, Adrian Olaru, Piotr Krainski

Abstract: The paper shows an adaptive system for drilling. To drill diameter measure video optical method with USB camera was used. Rotation of drill...

Authors: Marek Vrabel', Ildikó Maňková, Jozef Beňo, Ladislav Kandráč, Jozef Stahovec

Abstract: Article deals with design of adaptive control system for drilling process of aerospace critical components. The system proposed in this...

Authors: Eugen Pămîntaş, Gheorghe Cristian Turc, Felicia Veronica Banciu

Abstract: so-called llightweights materials (aluminum, magnesium, titanium) and their alloys due to multiple applications in various leading...

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