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Authors: Ya Jun Zhang, Jin Liang Shi, Guo Rong Chen

Abstract: A mechanism that the backoff exponent changes dynamically was proposed aiming at the poor performance of backoff algorithm in IEEE 802.15.4...

Authors: Huan Huan He, Xing Wei Wang, Min Huang

Abstract: . In this paper, to help cognitive users conduct fair and efficient spectrum sensing in the heterogeneous wireless environments, a...

Authors: Ying Hui Lv, Yan Zhen Yu

Abstract: In solving non-linear inverse optimization problems, how to make sure one and only solution and cut down computational effort are two very...

Authors: Da Hu Wang, Wen Bo Chen, Yan Nan Shi

Abstract: Because of the lacking of realistic, the operators who use the existing simulation training systems cannot immerse into it. This paper...

Authors: Zhi Gang Si, Ping Li, Xin Chen, Ying Wan

Abstract: A trusted computing platform is designed based on XEN virtual machine, and a dynamic integrity measurement scheme is presented using...

Authors: Tao Ye

Abstract: Based on the illustration of the importance of the coordination between forest and socio-economy, a dynamic programming model aimed at the...

Authors: Yong He, Lei Gao, Gui Kai Liu, Yu Zhen Liu

Abstract: This paper puts forward a new dynamic round-robin (DYRR) packet scheduling algorithm with high efficiency and good fairness. DYRR algorithm...

Authors: C.A. Koh, J.L. Savidge, C.C. Tang, R.E. Motie, X.P. Wu, R.I. Nooney, R. Westacott
Authors: Yao Ting Zhang, Yi Zheng, Hong Jian Li

Abstract: A dynamic test of two unbonded fully prestressed concrete beams has been conducted. The results indicate that the natural frequency of beams...

Authors: Hong Zhen Xu, Bin Tang, Ying Gui, Huai Ping Wang

Abstract: Workflow technology has emerged as one of those technologies designed to support modeling, designing and executing business processes. One...

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