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Authors: Seok Woo Lee, Hon Jong Choi, Hyun Woo Lee, Jae Young Choi, Hae Do Jeong
Authors: Cheng Zu Ren, X.J. Guo, Li Wei Yuan

Abstract: In the paper, the Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulation model and the Finite Element (FE) analysis model were combined together to study the...

Authors: Hitoshi Ohmori, Shao Hui Yin, Wei Min Lin, Yoshihiro Uehara, Shinya MORITA, Muneaki Asami, M. Ohmori

Abstract: Metal bonded diamond grinding wheels are widely used in the grinding process, especial in ELID grinding. However, truing is difficult owing...

Authors: Zhen Tao Shang, Han Huang, S.Q. Wang, Xiao Min Sheng, Hai Qing Mi

Abstract: Electrolytic In-process Dressing (ELID) has been applied in high speed grinding of partially stabilized zirconia. Using a developed...

Authors: Qing Liang Zhao, Jun Yun Chen, Jun Yao

Abstract: In this paper, a copper-resin bonded diamond wheel was applied to machine the optical glass on a precision grinder. The process of truing...

Authors: Qing Liang Zhao, Ekkard Brinksmeier, Otmann Riemer, Kai Rickens

Abstract: In order to realize ductile machining of optical glasses using mono-layer nickel electroplated coarse-grained diamond grinding wheel, a...

Authors: Cheng Zu Ren, J.M. Che, Tai Yong Wang, W.D. Jin, Xin Min Jin

Abstract: The state of the passivating film is a key factor affecting ELID grinding. In the paper the state of the passivating film on the grinding...

Authors: Kazutoshi Katahira, Hitoshi Ohmori

Abstract: The present paper describes the highly efficient and precise ELID grinding method and presents a discussion on the ELID grinding process...

Authors: Ji Cai Kuai

Abstract: The electrolytic in-process dressing (ELID) technology was combined with ultrasonic honing technology and ELID-ultrasonic honing system was...

Authors: Fei Hu Zhang, J.C. Gui, Yi Zhi Liu, Hua Li Zhang

Abstract: Nano cemented carbide is a new style cutter material. Because its grain size is very small, it is superior to common cemented carbide in...

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