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Authors: Lei Xia, Ling Yin, Yan Fei Zhang

Abstract: The objective of this study was to investigate the relationship between fabric property and Clothing Pressure of knitted underwear, using...

Authors: Si Die Wu, Jian Wu Lan, Shao Jian Lin, Si Chen

Abstract: To improve the elastic recovery of common poly(ester-ether) fibers, especially under lower temperatures, an imide dicarboxylic acid was...

Authors: Si Deng Zhang, Xu Zhen Zhang, Bin Sun, Long Chen, Zhi Yan Ma, Mei Fang Zhu

Abstract: Polypropylene pre-oriented multifilament were made by melt spinning with fast winding, and then hard elastic polypropylene fibers were made...

Authors: Hui Fang Ma, Jin Zhong Zhu, Hua Li Xin, Sen Lin Liu

Abstract: The strength and tensibility, elastic recovery ratio, evenness and hairiness of the pearl composite yarn were tested and compared with that...

Authors: Xin Mei Fan, Hao Li Xia, Zhao Xiang Zheng, Yan Pei Li, Yuan Xue

Abstract: This paper studied the mechanical behavior of the filament/staple fiber composite yarn and the pure cotton yarn under the isostress and...

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