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Authors: Nor Bahiyah Baba, Mohamad Amir Harunsyam Lamshah, Mohamad Asyraf Mohd Amin

Abstract: The paper discussed on a 3-dimensional porosity network in electroless nickel (Ni) - yttria stabilized zirconia (YSZ) composite coating. The...

Authors: Anthony T.H. Beaucamp, Yoshiharu Namba, Richard R. Freeman

Abstract: Ultra-precision diamond turning can deliver very accurate form, often less than 100nm P-V. A possible manufacturing method for thin Wolter...

Authors: Ya Xu Jin, Yu Ming Tian, Qiu Shu Li

Abstract: Electroless nickel plating with potassium titanate whisker was co-deposited on medium carbon steel substrates. The microstructure of the...

Authors: Véronique Vitry, Adeline Sens, Fabienne Delaunois

Abstract: Several electroless nickel deposits, on steel substrate, of varying chemistry were investigated in the as-plated and heat-treated condition:...

Authors: Cheng Hsun Hsu, Kuan Hao Huang, Yi Tsung Chen

Abstract: This study utilized electroless nickel (EN) and cathodic arc evaporation (CAE) technologies, with the known advantage of low processing...

Authors: Hang Cui, Jian Dong Cui, Yao Hua Xu, Hao Zhou, Jun Du

Abstract: Nickel coated Zr-V-Fe non-evaporable getter (NEG) powders were prepared using electroless plating. The microstructure and composition of the...

Authors: Sowjun Matsumura, Ju Sheng Ma
Authors: Nor Bahiyah Baba, Alan Davidson, Tariq Muneer

Abstract: Nickel ceramic composite have emerged as potential corrosion, wear and thermal resistance. The present work contemplates reinforcement of...

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