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Authors: Xu Wang

Abstract: An environment-friendly surface etching and activation technics for ABS surface metallization were investigated as a replacement for...

Authors: Yong Wei Song, Da Yong Shan, En Hou Han

Abstract: Magnesium alloys are considered as “difficult to plate” metal. The pretreatment processes play a key role for plating. The pretreatments of...

Authors: Li Na Yu, Jun Zhao, Ling Di Shen, Yan Gao, Xue Fen Wang

Abstract: Silver-coated PAN nanofibers have been prepared by a facile method that combined the electrospinning technique and electroless plating...

Authors: Ki Young Yoon, Jeong Hoon Byeon, Byung Ju Ko, Jae Hong Park, Chul Woo Park, Jung Ho Hwang, Hee Seung Yoon

Abstract: Copper (Cu) and silver (Ag) known as antimicrobial materials were deposited on activated carbon fibers (ACF) by an electroless plating...

Authors: Mathieu Brochu, C.A. León, Robin A.L. Drew
Authors: Pornthep Chivavibul, Manabu Enoki, Shigeru Konda, Yasushi Inada, Tamotsu Tomizawa, Akira Toda

Abstract: A possibility to reduce core loss in non-oriented (NO) electrical steel by applying magnetic coating has been investigated. This technique...

Authors: Gui Mei Shi, Wei Min Sun, Da Wei Lu, Shu Lian

Abstract: Fe nanoparticles with shell of Ni-P coating layer were successfully synthesized using Ni electroless plating process. Electromagnetic-wave...

Authors: Mettaya Kitiwan, Duangduen Atong

Abstract: The palladium membrane has been developed for high temperature separation of hydrogen from other syngas molecules. In this study, tubular...

Authors: Shou Xiang Jiang, Rong Hui Guo, Guang Hong Zheng

Abstract: The present study is performed with an objective to acquire a deeper understanding of the properties of Ag-plated silk fabric. The surface...

Authors: Xing Wu Guo, Shao Hua Wang, Hai Yan Yang, Li Ming Peng, Wen Jiang Ding

Abstract: Ni-P/TiO2 metal matrix composite (MMC) coatings were prepared by electroless plating process combined with sol-gel technology on...

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