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Authors: Ya Ming Huang, Qiang Fu, Chun Xu Pan

Abstract: Electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) has been developed as a novel technique for characterizing crystallographic textures in recent...

Authors: Helmut Schaeben, Markus Apel, Tobias Frank, Marcin Iwanowski, Stefan Zaefferer
Authors: Valerie Randle, Gregory Owen

Abstract: Grain boundary engineering (GBE) has been carried out on copper and brass. A comparison of the resulting microstructure and grain boundary...

Authors: Pierre Blaineau, Lionel Germain, Michel Humbert, Nathalie Gey

Abstract: We propose a new approach to automatically reconstruct the  orientation map from the ’ map inherited by the bainitic or martensitic ’...

Authors: Dirk M. Kirch, A. Ziemons, I. Lischewski, Dmitri A. Molodov, Günter Gottstein

Abstract: A novel high temperature heating method in combination with automated EBSD-data acquisition is presented. A commercially available infrared...

Authors: Francisco Cruz-Gandarilla, Richard Penelle, Hector Mendoza León, Thierry Baudin, J. Gerardo Cabañas-Moreno
Authors: Michael Ferry, John F. Humphreys

Abstract: Copper single crystals of {110}<001> crystallographic orientation were cold rolled to a true strain of 1.4. Specimens were cut from the...

Authors: You Liang He, Stéphane Godet, Pascal J. Jacques, John J. Jonas

Abstract: The crystallographic relationship between the g and a phases in samples of the Gibeon meteorite and a TRIP steel was investigated by means...

Authors: J. Dennis, Pete S. Bate, John F. Humphreys

Abstract: Grain growth may occur in two forms, normal grain growth, characterized by a constant grain size distribution during growth, and abnormal...

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