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Authors: Byung Nam Kim, Keijiro Hiraga, Koji Morita, Hidehiro Yoshida

Abstract: When the sliding of the grain boundary containing hexagonal particles is accommodated by grain-boundary diffusion, we evaluate the sliding...

Authors: Liang Feng, Ming Zhao, Sheng Chun Liu

Abstract: In view of the defects in the traditional aeolian vibration damping method for transmission line that repeated tests have to be undertaken...

Authors: Xiao Zhou Liu, Peng Liu

Abstract: The fracture energy release rate , which is the important parameter of ice pressure calculation model that is built on energy balance...

Authors: Ying Huang, Chong Xi Shi, Tong Zhen Bo

Abstract: The laboratory landslide test device of three part constituting by the model slotk and the catchment sink and rainfall system is developed...

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