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Authors: Dan Feng Qiu, Yong Jun Xia, He Qing Ma, Gang Bu
Chapter 1: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Abstract:Graphene-NiO nanocomposites were prepared via a solvothermal method. The nanostructure and morphology of the samples were characterized by...
Authors: Mohamad Deraman, Rusli Daik, Sepideh Soltaninejad, Najah Syahirah Mohd Nor, Awitdrus, Rakhmawati Farma, Nurul Fatin Mamat, Nur Hamizah Basri, Mohd Amir Radhi Othman
Abstract:Interest in research of supercapacitor has been in increasing trend because of high demand of supercapacitor application as energy storage...
Authors: Shen Hang Yu, Ying Sun
Chapter 13: Environmentally Sustainable Manufacturing Processes and Systems
Abstract:Wind power is one of the cleanest and safest of all the renewable commercial methods of generating electricity. However, wind energy is...
Authors: Wolfgang Francke, Renaud de Richter, Oswald Petersen, Janning Petersen
Chapter 3: Review
Abstract:Until today, the biggest solar updraft tower power plant ever built and tested was the 50 kW Spain plant in Manzanares. Since then no real...
Authors: Saleh A. Aboukhres, Ali S. Zayed, Hisham A. Ayad, S. Ganesan
Chapter 5: Power Engineering
Abstract:The Sea-waves, as a kinetic energy, is one of the renewable sources of energy which can be harnessed to generate electricity. Wave power...
Authors: K. Karuppasamy, R. Antony, S. Alwin, S. Balakumar, X. Sahaya Shajan
Abstract:Nanocomposite polymer electrolytes (NCPEs) have been playing a considerable role in the development of alternative clean and sustainable...
Authors: Inra Supardi, Zamri Noranai, Mohammad Zainal M. Yusof
Chapter 2: Alternative Energy and Green Energy
Abstract:Energy is very important in our daily activity especially in commercial and industries sector. These requirements have increased from time to...
Authors: Peng Yu, Ogidi Stephen Oodo, He Ping Zou, Dong Wang, Hui Sun
Chapter 5: Storage Technology
Abstract:In this paper, the wind power fluctuation is divided into three categories. For the purpose of balancing all kinds of wind power fluctuation...
Authors: Xin Zhen Feng, Yi Bin Tao, Jin Hang Hu, Qiang Li
Chapter 5: Energy-Saving and Energy-Storage Technology
Abstract:With the continuous development of distributed solar, wind power and other renewable energy sources, renewable energy sources which has its...
Authors: Ji Lei Ye, Ji Hua Xue, Fu Bao Wu, Bo Yang
Chapter 7: Storage Battery
Abstract:In this paper, the characteristics and applications of various battery energy storage systems (BESS) are compared. The lead acid batteries...
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