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Authors: You Liang Chen, Lin Li

Abstract: The gray prediction theory has already been widely applied to solving all kinds of social, scientific and technical problems. It is also...

Authors: Ying Su, Jing Hua Huang, Latif Al-Hakim

Abstract: Purpose – Only limited attention has been paid to the issue of Measurement Data Quality (MDQ) in a metrology context. To address this...

Authors: T.Y. Zhang, Rui Chen Yang

Abstract: Distance evaluation and its improved algorithms using Vertical distance instead of Euclidean distance were discussed in engineering...

Authors: Yong Liu, Qi Wei

Abstract: Engineering materials suppliers' selections directly affect the quality of the construction and economic benefits. Based on the basic...

Authors: Liu Ting, Liu Juan, Yang Jian Qiong

Abstract: Pathological changes in animal models of autoimmune hepatitis and liver cells were similar to the mechanism of injury and viral hepatitis,...

Authors: Jie Sheng Han, Yuan Ping Chen, Zhen Li, Zu Jun Chen, Jin Jun Lu

Abstract: To evaluate the erosion of various engineering materials subject to cavitation in laboratory, a ultrasonic vibratory apparatus (UVA-1) is...

Authors: Ying Li, Mei Chen Ju

Abstract: Rail transit is the most effective way to solve the urban traffic problem. However, due to the large initial investment and plenty of...

Authors: De Xin Zhao, Rui Bo Yuan, Jing Luo

Abstract: This article describes the structure of pure water hydraulic external gear pump, structural design and calculation of parameters,analysises...

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