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Authors: Ke Yu, Xing Xin Nie, Qing Fan

Abstract: This paper establishes an enterprise information system configuration management model based on graph theory. Comb all nodes support...

Authors: Chao Gai Xue, Hai Wang Cao

Abstract: This paper deals with a new approach to formal reconfiguration of enterprise information system (EIS) flow based on object-based knowledge...

Authors: Ling Qiu, Zheng Xi Wei, Yong Liu

Abstract: RFID middleware is a key technology of Internet of things. It achieves data recognition and data filtering between hardware devices and...

Authors: Hai Wang Cao, Chao Gai Xue

Abstract: This paper deals with an approach to the approximation measurement on the enterprise information system (EIS) based on its formal...

Authors: Ru Xin Gou, Ting Jie Lu

Abstract: With the development of computer and network science, enterprises have built lots of information systems for enterprise management, the...

Authors: Yu Shan Tian

Abstract: The effective coordination of enterprise information resources is maintaining its consistency, integrity and efficient utilization of...

Authors: Hai Wang Cao, Chao Gai Xue

Abstract: In order to avoid enterprise information system (EIS) risk, the self-organization mechanism of EIS based on complex adaptive system (CAS) is...

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