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Authors: Li Su, Peng Fei Li, Yuan Feng Wang

Abstract: Based on the relationship between complex frequency and hysteresis damping coefficient, the formula of equivalent damping ratio of...

Authors: Si Hong Liu, Yan Qiao Wang, Jiao Rong Gao, Yuan Zheng Jin

Abstract: Soilbags have been understood to have the effect of vibration reduction and can be used as a kind of base isolation in building foundations....

Authors: Yu Chen Yang, Lei Gu, Zhong Yi Zhu, Kai Qin, Lin Zhang

Abstract: Today, the structures constituted by different materials, increase more and more, especially the lower part is concrete, the upper is steel....

Authors: Wen Jing Nie, Yu Bai, Hao Wei Kuang

Abstract: The increase in the structural damping ratio can make the degree of seismic response lower, while the damping ratio causes the seismic...

Authors: Jing Zhang, Duixian Gao, Zhiwei Chen

Abstract: Study the calculation method of equivalent damping ratio in Capacity Spectrum Method. Analyzing the feature of several methods for the...

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